Work The Ridge Member Guidelines updated 12/13/17

Welcome to the Work The Ridge community. This should answer a lot of your questions. If you have more questions or have a suggestion - please email us at

Our mission is to provide a low cost, flexible work environment for our community. By creating a Coworking space right in the heart of downtown Ridgefield, members will be able to access all that the town has to offer by just walking out your office door. We strongly encourage all our members to grab their coffee/lunch/snacks from one of the many spots in town. We understand how an economic community works and want contribute to Ridgefield’s economy every day. Getting to know your fellow members and making an effort to use each other’s resources, through collaboration can have a major impact on your business - we hope you take advantage of this opportunity.

Some specifics about our space.

  • Please honor your membership by sitting in the correct seat.

    • Open Cafe Seating - first floor - white seats only - first come first serve

    • Dedicated Desks - are all assigned desks, please use only your dedicated desk.

  • Armchairs in lounge area on the first floor and outdoor seating are for all members

  • WiFi

    • Firewall protected and member private login/password. Please do not share it with anyone.

    • Hi Speed internet provided by Comcast and boosted by Cisco.

    • Daily WiFi password available for guests (just email for it)

  • Access to the building - we are using August Home Secure Access locks. You will receive an invitation to your cell phone to download the August app after your membership has been processed. That will allow you to receive a smart key on your phone. It will be active for as long as you are a member. Just walk up to the door - open the app on your phone and press unlock. Please make sure the door is always locked. To keep costs down, there is not a person on site to manage the building every day, so please keep the door locked when you are in the building and after you leave.

  • Facilities

    • Water cooler (with instant hot)

    • Printer - there is no charge for using the printer. It is a simple wireless, desktop printer - please use it for simple print, scan, copy jobs.

    • Phone

      • Conference room phone is a separate, private line.

      • House phone is for anyone that just does not like to talk on their cell phone. There is one downstairs and one upstairs in the phone booth.

      • Phones are generally for making outgoing calls, there is no messaging service.

    • The basement and attic are currently closed (if you have storage needs, please ask)

    • Parking

      • We share the lot with New Beginnings, they have large trucks - so please park along the main house at an angle and pull right up to the curb to provide enough room to drive between parked cars and the house. In the event the lot is full, there is municipal parking all around the building.

    • Building Responsibilities

      • Keep the door locked at all times.

      • If you open a window - please close it when you leave.

      • If you are the last person to leave, please turn off the lights. If you need a fan, A/C or extra heat - please let us know (its an old building and temps can be uneven)

      • No smoking.

      • Charging your stuff

        • Outlets are everywhere. If you need more or would like a power strip, please just ask.

      • Respect

        • Talking at your desk on the phone or with someone in the office is always ok, just be respectful. If you want privacy - there is a phone booth upstairs, use the conference room or step outside (table and chairs on the front porch)

        • Food - eating and drinking at your desk is ok - please just leave it 100% clean and use something under your drink to keep from staining the desks. Do not leave any food items.

        • Bathroom - is for everyone - enough said.

        • While this is a Coworking office space and communication/collaboration with members is strongly encouraged - please be mindful that not everyone would like engage all the time.

      • Guests vs “Meet Up”

        • Guest - someone working with you for a few hours or a few days. All guests are the responsibility of the member and can only be in the building when you are there. To have guests you will need to reserve the conference room. The conference room holds up to 8 people and can be reserved by any member at no charge. You will get a daily WiFi password with your conference room reservation.

        • “Meet Up” - someone just stopping by for a quick conversation/meeting. Please use the arm chairs or cafe seating for these quick meetings. There is no charge and no reservation needed for meet ups.

      • Mailbox/Virtual Office

        • You are welcome to use 22 Catoonah as your business address, please just let me know and I will inform the post office to insure delivery. There is no formal mail service, if you are expecting something please be there to receive it.

      • Conference room

        • available to dedicated desk members at no additional charge.

        • all members must reserve the room in advance (thru membership website)

        • Seats up to 8 people

        • Member is responsible for allowing their guests access to building. Guests are not given key less entry.

        • Member will be given a separate WiFi day pass.

        • There is a conference speaker phone, 50 inch WiFi monitor and Apple TV

Work The Ridge is all about economic development in Ridgefield and the surrounding towns. With that as our guide - please eat, drink & shop local. One of the best things about this building is its location - take advantage of it.  We encourage you to get your daily coffee and lunch at any one of the 10 plus restaurants and cafe’s in the neighborhood.


Live in Town. Play in Town. Shop in Town.
Work in Town.